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Eggnog Fudge-Smooth and creamy. A subtle eggnog flavor but not overwhelming, the perfect Christmas Fudge.

I adore Eggnog.Creamy, thick, that eggy, sweet flavor. I just can’t get enough of it. As soon as I see it on the shelves, I start stocking up.I have no idea why grocery stores and really, dairies,tortureme all year long. Only selling it for about 4 weeks out of the year. Usually it shows up the week before Thanksgiving, and then about the second week of December is the last shipment shipped to stores.

And 2 of the kids love it as much as I do. I have to fight for every drop. Is it wrong of me to say I’m glad the hubby and the picky eater don’t like it? And why can’t you buy it by the gallon? My local grocery store only sells quarts. Common, really? I can’t walk into the house with just a few quarts of this heavenly nectar. I’f I go to the “big” store I can get a half gallon. I’m still buying 3 at a time.

Don’t think this is a lot. Remember, it’s only half gallon jugs. When I buy milk, I buy 3 GALLONS at a time. If we have fresh, still warm out of the oven cookies, you can see close to a gallon disappear at that one sitting. There are 5 of us after all.

And I know I can make my own eggnog but I haven’t found a recipe I like yet.

So, since it’s eggnog season, and I can get my hands on it for the next few weeks, I’m taking full advantage.
I’ve got a few treats you can make with eggnog and I’ll share them all but I wanted to start with this fudge.

Smooth and creamy. A subtle eggnog flavor but not overwhelming. My picky eater loved it.

Crap, now she likes eggnog too.

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Eggnog Fudge
adapted fromTaste of Home and Not So Humble Pie

Eggnog Fudge

Eggnog Fudge - Chocolate Chocolate and More! (4)


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
  • 3/4 cup eggnog minus 2 tablespoons
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 10-12 ounces chopped white chocolate (chips are fine)
  • 1 jar Marshmallow Creme (7 ounces)
  • 1 /2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract


  1. Line a 9 x 9 pan ( 8 x 8 works too) with foil, then butter foil well. Set aside.
  2. Combine butter, eggnog, cream and sugar in a heavy medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat stirring occasionally Once boiling, reduce heat a bit and using a candy thermometer, continue cooking until temperature reaches 234 degrees (soft ball stage) remove from heat, stir in white chocolate. Continue stirring until chocolate is completely melted and blended in. Add in Marshmallow, nutmeg and vanilla. Stir till smooth. Spread into prepared pan.
  3. Garnish with a bit more nutmeg if desired. Let cool at room temperature completely before removing from pan and cutting into squares. Store at room temperature for up 2 a week or in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

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Eggnog Fudge - Chocolate Chocolate and More! (12)

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  1. Susan Varner says

    Oh good grief, I forgot another thing I was going to ask! Would this work with the alcoholic eggnogs you can buy (I LOVE them!), or would the alcohol affect the outcome? Thanks for any advice you can give me!

  2. Shannon says

    Okay, so I followed the recipe to a T! I even calibrated my candy thermometer 🙁 But, five hours later, letting it cool, it’s the consistency of frosting, not fudge (I’ll admit, it’s my first cooked fudge with a thermometer). Everything I’m reading says I may not have cooked it long enough. I want to try again…. but not sure what I should change? I got it up to 234 degrees, pulled it off the heat and stirred in the white chocolate chips… 🙁


    • Joan Hayes says

      This is a soft fudge but should be denser than frosting. Some eggnogs have more cream in them than others so are thicker, I just use the store brand in the diary section which is pretty thick but I know the Borden brands in the can is thinner. If your eggnog is not thick, I’d recommend cutting back on the eggnog by a tablespoon or two.

    • Veronica says

      The temperature on all candy recipes is for sea level. If you live at a different altitude, you need to adjust the temperature accordingly. Take the difference between the recipe temperature and 212 (temperature at which water boils at sea level). Then, find out what temperature water boils in your kitchen with your candy thermometer. Add the difference to the temperature at which water boils in your kitchen and you have the temperature to take your candy to.
      Example: 234-212=22 (difference)
      Water boils in your kitchen at 199 (true for the benches in Provo, Utah)
      199+22=221 (where you need to heat your candy to)

  3. Bekah says

    So I just made this, followed the recipe exactly and it was a complete bust. As soon as I added the white chips, it instantly became a crumbly dry mess. I continued to push through it and the creme helped to smooth it out a bit, but still nothing like smooth creamery fudge. Not sure what I did wrong. It tastes good but looks god awful!


    • Joan Hayes says

      I’m so sorry you had trouble. It almost sounds as if possible some water (even just a few drops) got into your eggnog mixture and seized up your chocolate, water and chocolate are not friends. Could that be a possibility?

  4. Michelle Service says

    Has anyone actually made this fudge? I made it tonight and altho the taste is amazing…it won’t set up!! HELP!!! Should I try putting it in the refrigerator or the freezer??? It tastes so amazing and I hate to waste this entire amazing batch.


    • Joan Hayes says

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the recipe. You can definitely keep it in the fridge which will firm it up. What brand of eggnog did you use? Some are much thicker than others? I use the store brand in the 1/2 gallon container and it’s fairly thick. I know the Borden brand in the can is much thinner.

  5. shawn says

    i made this last night and found it too sweet without enough eggnog flavor. it’s a soft fudge but it did set up. after having a fail with another new fudge i found via pinterest i dragged out my candy thermometer. i started making fudge when i was i in college as gifts and got to where i could smell when it was ready to add the chocolate. but i’m having trouble finding the right balance with white chocolate recipes.


  6. Walt says

    You can make your own eggnog. That’s what everyone used to have to do. Bartenders would mix it up with egg and cream by the drink, unless they made a punch. Of course, that was before industrial agriculture put salmonella into the ovaries of hens so the store-bought eggs are unsafe. You can do what the dairies do and pasteurize the eggs before using them, or do what I do and keep hens and so have eggs you can eat raw without problem. Separate the eggs and beat the whites and you’ll have eggnog better than anything out of a carton.


  7. Hildegard says

    My spouse and I stumbled over here different web page and thought I may as well check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just follosing you. Look forward to going over your web
    pag for a second time.


  8. Veronica says

    Made this in a 9×13 glass pan and it was plenty thick. The fudge was rather dry and crumbly, but I am not sure if that is a factor of less butter and sugar than my normal recipe or of it being left uncovered for a night. The fudge stuck to the pan, but (again) I am not sure if this was due to less butter in the recipe or if I didn’t butter the pan enough. The white chocolate and the eggnog made a nice flavor combination, but it really didn’t hold a candle to the milk chocolate fudge I make every year. This was a good experiment, but I won’t be repeating the recipe since we need to be picky about where our calories in the dessert category come from. Thanks for the new idea though!


  9. Grace says

    I’m looking forward to trying this fudge recipe! I LOVE eggnog! Since its after the holidays, I’m going to make my own eggnog to use. this is the eggnog recipe I used the last time I made eggnog. it’s terrific!
    1/3 cup whipping cream, 1 cup milk, 1 large egg, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract, and nutmeg to taste. mix using a hand blender, and lift it till the beaters are just below the surface (it makes a creamier eggnog). or just put it in a blender (the kind you make smoothies in) on high.


  10. Erin says

    I just came across this while looking for new eggnog leftover recipes. I love eggnog also and have had a hard time finding a recipe I liked as well. After a bit of tweaking from different recipes I finally came up with one I’m in love with! And I make it a gallon at a time hehehe. I also heat mine so that the grandkids can drink it because they love it also! I use 24 eggs and a cup of sugar. . Beat well (usually till its light and slightly frothy) 2 small cans of sweetened condeneed milk and (depending on how thic you like it will help determine milk amount I usually start with 2 cups) add 1/2 tea each nutmeg and all spice and 1 tea vanilla heat on med heat while whisking constantly. I usually heat to 160 while whisking for about 5 mins. Take off heat and let cool. Then I put in a clean gallon jug and add more milk till happy with consistency. I have tried it tempering the eggs with the hot milk mixture and it doesn’t have the same taste. It’s a lot of work but I think it’s worth it!


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Eggnog Fudge - Chocolate Chocolate and More! (2024)


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