Mapquest driving directions (2024)

Simple directions, easy address search, creating suitable route points to save time and more special features when you use Maps driving directions

How to use the MapsDriving Directions

  1. Where are you starting? Enter the starting point.
  2. Where are you going? Enter the destination.
  3. Add stop: Enter the stop (if any).
  4. Choose a means of transport: car, bicycle, truck, walking, and click "Get Directions."

Maps Quest driving directions will provide you with suggested ways to go.

Maps Driving DirectionsFeatures

Use for directions

Find turn-by-turn directions to places with ease. The map displays route information and uses real-time traffic information to find the best route to yourdestination.The map has updated the locations of all countries and territories around the world, as well as businesses large and small.

View the route and show the route

You can view your driveway, transit route, footpath, or bike path. If there are multiple routes, the map will automatically find the fastest and shortest route.

Explore the surrounding area and find nearby places

You can find areas of interest, attractions, or places of interest. Find places like hotels, restaurants,coffee, shopping,...

This is an independent website and is not affliated with or sponsored by Mapquest in any way.


This is an independent website and is not affliated with or sponsored by Mapquest in any way.

Mapquest driving directions (2024)


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