Minecraft Vault Hunters: How To Complete A Vault (2024)

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As one of the best Curseforge mods around, Minecraft Vault Hunters is gaining more and more popularity. This mod pack isn't for the faint of heart, however: completing vaults is dangerous, and some mechanics aren't thoroughly explained.

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To complete a vault, you will need to fulfill one of four randomly rolled objectives and survive the experience, as these realms are crawling with mobs. Keep reading for detailed descriptions of each of the standard vault objectives, as well as tips and tricks on completing them and making it through in one piece.

Completing The Main Vault Objectives

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There are four types of vault objectives for a standard vault crystal. Each will require you to find something, from an elixir to monoliths.

The objective of your vault will depend on a hidden dice roll when you activate the portal, as well as your vault level.


Monolith Vaults have a 100% chance of rolling on any vault level 9 and lower. Their chance of appearing steadily decreases until level 50, when it reaches 25%.

In these vaults, the player(s) will be tasked with finding and activating between two and four monoliths. These monoliths can be anywhere in a room and are activated by right-clicking on them.

Notably, this type of vault will not eject the player when the objective is met. Instead, you may continue looting. The Vault Crate and experience will be awarded when you exit the vault.

If you do not successfully retrace your steps and exit the vault before the time runs out, you will die. This can result in losing your inventory, depending on server settings.

Elixir Rush

Once you reach level 10, you will have a 50% chance of rolling an Elixir Rush Vault (then 33% at level 20, and 25% at level fifty). In an elixir vault, you will need to collect a specified amount of elixir and then find a purple Lodestone.

Most actions inside the vault will award some elixir, such as killing mobs, opening chests, and mining blocks. A visual representation of it will appear when you've earned the elixir (purple droplets will fall on the ground), but you don't actually need to collect this. Once you've collected the necessary elixir, find and activate the Lodestone just as you would a monolith. When a player activates the Lodestone, they will be teleported out of the vault with a ten-second delay.

When playing Vault Hunters in co-op, it is worth noting that you will need to fill your own elixir bars and activate separate Lodestones to complete the vault.

Scavenger Hunts

Once a player has reached level 20, they will have a 33% chance of rolling a vault with the Scavenger Hunt objective. This chance falls to 25% upon reaching level 50.

In a Scavenger Hunt Vault, the goal is to collect a specified amount of several items (shown across the top of the screen). These items then need to be deposited in scavenger altars. The items fall into 3 categories:

  1. Drops from mobs
  2. Drops from coin piles
  3. Rolled loot in chests

Once all the requested items have been successfully deposited, they will be teleported out with a ten-second delay.

Hunt The Guardians

The final vault objective type is known as Hunt The Guardians, because it involves killing mobs (Minecraft mob management is key regardless of the version of the game you're playing). This objective can begin to show up once a player has reached level 50 and is the spiritual successor to the Vault Boss found in earlier iterations of the mod pack.

In order to complete this vault type, players will need to locate and activate obelisks, which will then spawn one of two difficult-to-kill mob types (melee bruisers and ranged arbalists). You must kill all the obelisk guardians to finish that obelisk. The number of guardians that spawn will vary from obelisk to obelisk and is shown underneath the obelisk symbol on the top of your screen.

Guardians have a glowing effect to them, allowing you to find them should you lose them.

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Completing Optional Objectives

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In addition to the main objectives in a vault, there are several side objectives that can be selected or found. These are bounties and Vault God Altars.

Vault God Altars

There are four vault gods included in the Vault Hunters modpack:

  • Idona (monster souls)
  • Tenos (vanilla experience)
  • Velara (player health)
  • Wendarr (time from the vault timer)

Each of these gods has the chance to spawn an altar inside a vault, and the player can make a sacrifice to them in order to raise favor with that god. This favor is playthrough-wide, and stacks. If you have enough favor with one or more gods, you may receive bonuses upon entering a vault.

You will gain more favor if your character is holding an idol in their off-hand during the sacrifice, and even more if the idol matches the god on the altar.

The Bounty System

Bounties are a recent addition to the mod pack, and allow players to select from a list of side objectives to complete inside vaults. Bounties persist through multiple vaults and are not automatically failed if they aren't completed in the first vault.

Bounty objectives fall into three categories:

  • Looting
  • Combat
  • Mining

The rewards from bounties are often very useful for progression, and meta advice suggests you begin doing bounties as early as possible.

In order to select and complete bounties, you will need access to a bounty table.

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Exploration Tips

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Exploring vaults without getting lost is an important skill, especially for monolith vaults where you'll need to walk back to the portal. The most common tactics experienced players employ to avoid getting lost include:

  • Always moving in the same direction, an age-old maze-tackling tactic.
  • Using blocks to mark rooms you've been to. Unobtainium or yellow wool is good for this because it stands out so much, and blocks are a familiar concern for any Minecraft player.
  • Using waypoints (this is a server setting you need to turn on when making the world).

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Minecraft Vault Hunters: How To Complete A Vault (2024)


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