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      Highest Rated: 98% Fourteen (2019)

      Lowest Rated: 7% Fallen (2016)

      Birthday: Dec 4, 1991

      Birthplace: New York, USA

      Highest rated movies

      98% Fourteen 7% Fallen



      98% 54% Fourteen Jo Mitchel (Character) - 2019
      7% 65% Fallen Rachel (Character) - 2016


      No Score Yet 68% S.W.A.T. Nora Fowler (Guest Star) 2021-2022
      No Score Yet 75% Chicago Med Dr. Ava Bekker (Character),
      Dr. Bekkar (Guest Star)
      No Score Yet 88% Chicago Fire Dr. Ava Bekker (Guest Star) 2018
      Norma Kuhling | Rotten Tomatoes (2024)


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