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— Chapter 275 —

A few days have passed in Douluo Dalu’s world, and Yunlong has sailed to the Sea God’s island alone.

Even though he could fly there, Sea God added another task where he shouldn’t take any route except the ocean itself.

“You must feel the raging waves, my inheritor.” Sea God stated, which left Yunlong deadpan.

In the end, Yunlong doesn’t have that much choice and sails alone with an essence spirit ship he got from Bibi Dong. However, it wasn’t easy because a storm literally swept him three times.

‘Sea God must have planned this…’ Yunlong sighed while looking at the calm sea.

An enormous ship approached Yunlong’s ship slowly and launched dozens of cannonballs at him.


Yunlong couldn’t help but frown and launch several enlarged golden swords at them, severing their ship into a bunch of driftwoods.

“Save us!”

“Save us!”


“You’re the one who launched cannonballs at me first? Now, you want me to save you?” Yunlong chuckled slightly.

“The audacity.”

“Mhnn~?” Kaguya walked out of her room and moved to the deck.

“Where are we?”

“Good morning.” Yunlong smiled at her.

Kaguya brought a blanket with her and sat beside Yunlong, who stared at the floating pirates. “What happened to them?” She asked.

“Well, they attacked our ship first, so I destroyed their ship,” Yunlong answered casually.

A few hungry spirit beasts skillfully lingered in the ocean, making the pirates panic.

“I see…” Kaguya’s eyes shone slightly.

She sensed some underwater vegetation and roughly brought the pirates over the sea. When they arrived on the deck and choked in seawater for a moment, some of them released a sigh in relief because a goddess saved them.

Yunlong’s gaze asked Kaguya why she saved them from the ocean.

“White Zetsu,” Kaguya answered blandly.

“Very well.” Yunlong shrugged his shoulders.

[Host, you have received a message from your clone]

Yunlong suddenly heard Neo’s monotonous voice in his mind and checked the letter immediately.

“Check inventory?” He frowned and opened the inventory, where an unknown sealing scroll lastly was placed.

He brought out the scroll and opened it, revealing a poof of a white cloud on the deck.


A clone appeared and exploded in front of Yunlong, making him wonder about something.

Yunlong smiled and said, “Hmm, now that explains why I don’t receive any news from my clone.”

“We also have time differences between worlds.”

He used Mortal Sin: Gluttony and opened the subspace, which contained All for One’s soul. Yunlong couldn’t help but grin as extreme bloodlust burst out of his body.

He grasped AFO’s soul and zapped it with powerful spiritual shock.

“ARRRGHHH!!!” All for One roared in pain, but he couldn’t even die in this sub-space.

He closed the sub-space and cheerfully said, “I’m in a good mood now.”

Kaguya tilted her head and rested on Yunlong’s shoulders because the morning sea breeze swept over them.

“You don’t have to accompany me, you know.” Yunlong chuckled at Kaguya, who quivered in a blanket.

“No. I want to go with you.” Kaguya firmly responded.

Yunlong could teleport anyone as long as he arrived on the Sea God’s island, but Kaguya was strong-headed to go with him.

He created a clone and teleported it to the Star Dou Forest.

“What do you want?” Di Tian asked with a frown.

“Does the ocean spirit beast count as our ally?” The clone asked such an obvious question, which caused Di Tian’s mouth to twitch in annoyance.

Di Tian sighed and answered, “No.”

“They are not under our alliance.”

“The Deep Sea Demonic Whale King ruled over most of the ocean.”

“I tried to fight him in the past, but that oversized fish ran away from me.”

“Is that so?” The clone reacted with a stoic expression. “Then, he must be strong enough to run away from you.”

Di Tian sneered and added, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll kill him if I ever see that fish again.”

“Marks my word-.”


The clone exploded into a white cloud, and Di Tian stared at the ground with a deadpan expression. “I should have slapped him at least once there…”

“Tch, what a missed opportunity.”

Di Tian breathed and muttered solemnly, “Though, I think that brat’s dragon blood has exceeded mine.”

As Yunlong received his clone’s memories, he pulled a fishing rod and threw the line onto the ocean.

“Now, we wait.” He said while enjoying the morning sun.

— My Hero Academia’s world —

I-Island is an artificial moving island inhabited by over ten thousand scientists researching Quirks.

Yunlong and Bibi Dong landed on the island without triggering any security breach alarm.

“How is she?” He asked Bibi Dong while staring at Eri, who was comfortably asleep in her embrace.

“She’s soft.” Bibi Dong playfully answered. “Well, As long as nothing triggers her emotion, it should be okay.”

Yunlong nodded and briefly scanned the entire island with his heavenly eyes, searching for a scientist and his daughter.

“I found her.” He moved his gaze to a small park with a flowing water fountain.

Melissa Shield is a shapely and attractive pale-skinned young woman of slightly above average height with a round face.

She has wavy blonde hair which reaches halfway down her back, two shorter pieces she leaves over her shoulders, side-swept bangs that frame her face, and clear aqua-blue eyes.

“Hi, Melissa.” Yunlong greeted her with a smile on his face.

Melissa blinked her eyes and saw a young man in a hoodie standing in front of her. This sudden appearance shocked her as she pulled a taser out of nowhere.

“Who are you?” She aimed the taser at Yunlong.

Ryuu only has one friend in his entire life, who All Might introduced to him when he was young. Yes, Melissa Shield was his only friend, or should we call it childhood friend because it’s more appropriate.

“You’ve grown taller, Mel,” Yunlong commented.

“Maybe I should show this first.”

A beautiful bird made of white light appeared on Yunlong’s palm and left Melissa with a shocked expression. The bird flew around Melissa’s body and became a cat, landing on her shoulder.

Melissa felt a warmth from the cat and mumbled, “There is only one person who knows about this.”

Yunlong opened his face mask and replied, “It’s me. I’m back, crybaby Mel.”

Melissa’s eyes released tears, and she embraced Yunlong slowly. It was devastating when knowing her friend died at the hand of villains, but what can a quirkless person like her do.

She cried for a week and attended Ryuu’s funeral, witnessing his graveyard with a sad expression.

Yunlong patted Melissa’s head and comforted her for a few minutes. They sat on the bench and looked at the morning sky silently.

“I’ve attended your funeral.” Melissa opened her mouth a little.

“This feels surreal to see you beside me right now because it shouldn’t be possible.”

“There is no quirk to revive a dead person after all.”

Melissa gritted her teeth and continued, “I know because I have searched for a person with that quirks for years.”

“I got reincarnated,” Yunlong answered casually.

“You what?” Melissa frowned at him immediately.

Bibi Dong stared at them from afar and smiled inside because she could see the potential within Melissa. “Not bad.” She commented while checking I-Island by herself.

As Yunlong explained what happened to him, Melissa’s eyes shone with curiosity.

“How amazing and unscientific,” Melissa said.

However, when Yunlong mentioned his age now, Melissa somehow smiled for no reason. “Maybe you should call me big sister now because I’m four years older than you.” She teased.

“I mean…” Yunlong wondered how old he was if all his past lives combined.


Melissa giggled and asked, “Does Grandma Chiyo know about this?”

“I told her already, but she fainted when she knew my current age and lover-… I mean, my current mom.” Yunlong awkwardly fixed his words mid-sentence.

“Your current mom?” Melissa tilted her head in confusion.

Bibi Dong walked up the stairs and approached them with Eri in her embrace. “That would be me.” She responded playfully.

“Hi, I’m Yunlong’s mother and his lover.”

“Eh?” Melissa immediately turned her head around and stared at Yunlong deeply.

Yunlong covered his face and sighed, “You know this and still trigger it.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” Bibi Dong giggled cheerfully at Yunlong, who now had to explain something to Melissa.

“Ryuu-Kun, care to explain?” Melissa has a calm smile on her face.

Even though it was clear there was nothing calm behind that smile. “Before that, you should call me with my current name.” Yunlong shook his head. “It feels weird to call me Ryuu because I’m not him anymore.”

Melissa nodded her head, and Yunlong slowly explained Bibi Dong’s relationship with him. He also told her how many lovers and maids he has in Douluo Douluo, leaving Melissa speechless.

Melissa thought solemnly and said indifferently, “To think you’d become a womanizer in the next life, you’ve changed.”

“Still, with that kind of face… I’m not surprised beautiful ladies throw themselves at you.”

Yunlong doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh at Melissa’s comment. “I don’t take any woman or girl as a maid because they are beautiful.” He said with a cold tone.

“I take them because they trust me and choose to be on my side.”

“My world is dangerous compared to this world.”

“That’s why we needed your help and your father’s mind.”

“My help?” Melissa glanced at Bibi Dong.

“I’m the empress of the bright spirit empire.” Bibi Dong reintroduced herself with spirit energy pressure around her.

There is a sense of majestic aura with coldness, causing Melissa’s body to shiver violently.

“My empire is in a war situation with another empire right now, but sadly our technology department is extremely lacking.”

“We have strong people. Nevertheless, we lost in the technology department compared to our enemy.”

“That’s why we sought over talented people in this world.”

“And yes, killing your enemy is normal in our world.” Bibi Dong stated indifferently.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to follow me.” Yunlong patted Melissa’s head gently.

“However, Melissa… I can grant you something you always wanted all this time.”

Melissa wanted to say something, but her thoughts clashed for a few moments. Yunlong had shown her something that humans with quirks shouldn’t be able to do.

She watched him fight All for One last night and couldn’t sleep properly because such power intrigued her. I-Island is a special place where many researchers studied quirk, but Yunlong is a different case.

‘I can’t kill innocent people with my hands. I want to protect them if possible.’ Melissa thought with a cold sweat.

Yunlong flicked her forehead and commented, “We are at war, and I’m not going to kill innocent people blindly. They either have to surrender or fall together with my dead enemy.”

“It’s up to them, but sometimes they choose to die in honor of their homeland.”

Yunlong wanted to use Hypnotism on Melissa, but something held him back a little.

“Okay, I agree,” Melissa said with a resolute tone.

“I still have a promise to make you a hero costume after all.”

“Oh, please don’t…” Yunlong has a poor impression of this world’s hero costume. “You can make an armor for me.”

Melissa suddenly jumped off the bench and bravely pointed her finger at Yunlong. “An armor then, and It would be the strongest armor you ever wear.”

“I won’t let you die this time.” She confidently declared.

“How about Uncle David?” Yunlong asked.

“He’s still in his lab. Follow me.” Melissa said while walking to her father’s lab.

Bibi Dong, who watched Melissa from behind, shook her head slightly and said, “To be honest, I expected her to reject you.”

“This world’s mentality is weak, and she most likely is too.

“But, well… I’m surprised.”

“I wonder how special you were in her heart.” She added lastly, causing Yunlong to smile wryly.

They followed Melissa silently and arrived at a white building with several hidden security.

As Melissa opened the door of her father’s lab, a man of rough appearance entered their vision.

David Shield is a tall man of an average build, with notable wrinkles on his forehead and defined nasolabial folds and tear troughs.

He has small sky-blue eyes and short, unruly honey brown hair with two prominent tufts curving outwards from the top of his forehead, a short goatee on his chin, and wide-rimmed square glasses on his face.

“Melissa?” David sipped his coffee with a confused expression.

“Father, you drank too much coffee again!” Melissa glanced at the desk filled with so many coffee cups.

David chuckled and replied, “I have to drink coffee, or I won’t be awake to finish my current work.”

“Who is he?” David noticed a handsome young man behind his daughter.

Yunlong fixed his vocal chord again and responded, “It’s been a while, Uncle David.”

“I see that you still like coffee in the morning.”

Read Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler - Chapter 276: Over the sea and Melissa - NovelBuddy (2024)


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