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Chapter 573 - 573: Xia Yichen, I’m Here

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“Han Jinchu, cut the crap and get in the car!”Han Jin Nian pushed Han Jin Chu into the car.

The car started to move!

Han Jin Nian was Han Jin Chu’s half-sister. Her father and stepmother had a child who was two years younger than her. She was thirteen this year and was not old, but she had a bad temper. She was influenced by her mother and did not take Han Jin Chu seriously at all. She had always called him by his name. In this family, Han Jinchu did not have much say, much less the right to reject their decisions.

Just like that, the family of four boarded the flight to Country Z’s Y City.

Han Jinchu’s heart was slightly uneasy, but he was also looking forward to it.

She felt uneasy because after so many years, would the boy in her memories still be the same?

She was looking forward to it because even though so many years had passed, she had never forgotten the warmth he had given her back then.

She would never forget that before he left, he stuffed a note into her palm and said, Han Jinchu, if your stepmother bullies you again, tell me, okay?

She took off the necklace that her birth mother had left her and gave it to him, telling him that she would find a chance to redeem it.

He said,” Well, then leave it to me for safekeeping. I’ll wait for you to come back and redeem it.”

When he was about to leave on his flight, she chased after him and asked, Xia Yichen, do we still have a chance to meet? f(r)eeweb(n)ovel

He said, “Yes, we will definitely meet again. Go back quickly!”

He was the warm sunlight in her memories, but his radiance melted the note lying in her palm, making her never have the chance to get close to his world again..

After ten years.

She was finally going to his hometown, Y City, which was on the other side of the world.

Because of him, that unfamiliar city had become a place where she was not so afraid..

‘Xia Yichen, I’m here.’

After more than 20 hours, the plane finally arrived at Y City’s airport.

The family found a small house on an old street and rented it. freewe(b)

“When Jinchu and the young master of the Emperor’s Legacy get together, we won’t have to live in this kind of hiding place anymore!”

“Yeah, Jinchu, it’s all up to you.” Father Han agreed. “I’ve already found out about the young master’s school. He just got into Emperor Inheritance High School under Emperor Inheritance. He’s a new student this year, but he skipped a grade and entered the third year. However, this school is a legendary school for the rich. Your Auntie Feng and I spent all our savings to let you go to this school. ”

Feng Qinlan was elated.” Jinchu, you little girl. Your father is right. We spent all our savings to come here. We bet everything on God’s Legacy High School.

Don’t disappoint us! ‘”‘

Han Jinchu fell silent. He did not understand why they would pin their hopes on such a slim possibility.

“Although Jinchu also went to this school, she can’t directly advance to the third year of high school.”

“We’re already in the same school. Are you afraid that you won’t have a chance?

Don’t worry.”

“You’re right.”

Father Han and Stepmother sang happily.

Han Jin Nian was not interested in his parents at all. Instead, he found a remote control and watched a TV series.”Eh, although this house is very small, there’s still a television. Let me see if it can be used.”

He turned on the remote control and a picture popped up on the television.

Feng Qinlan laughed out loud.” It can be used!”

“Look, isn’t that the young master on the television??”Father Han pushed Han Jinchu excitedly.” I didn’t expect him to grow up to be so handsome. I really don’t know why he fell for you back then.””

“Haha, that’s right. Although this young master is good-looking, has a good background, and has all kinds of good qualities, his eyesight isn’t very good. If he could take a fancy to Jinchu once, he could definitely take a fancy to her a second time. Haha, we’re going to be rich!”

When Han Jinchu saw Yi Chen on TV, he did not feel this way at all.

At this moment, he was being reported as the champion of a certain competition and broke the record. He was the top student of Emperor Heritage High School, the school hunk, and the national idol. He was so outstanding that everyone was stunned.

It was said that he had gotten a double master’s degree in junior high school. However, his parents did not want him to miss out on high school in order to avoid regrets in life. After discussing it, they finally decided to let him attend high school for a year.

The young man in front of the camera was calm in the face of danger. His expression was indifferent, but that calm indifference revealed his innate nobility, sacred and inviolable elegance.

His heroic spirit was compelling, as bright as the stars. Just one look at him was enough to make one feel deeply attracted to him and unable to look away.

He was more dazzling than gems and more distant than sunlight..

Han Jinchu suddenly felt his heart skip a beat. She had never seen anyone more perfect than him.

Han Jin Nian could not help but be stunned.” Han Jin Chu, is this the young master of the Emperor Inheritance that Father and Mother were talking about?

MO Yichen?”

Han Jinchu nodded. In her heart, she hoped that the person was Xia Yichen.

Because Xia Yichen was so close while MO Yichen was so far away.

Han Jin Nian was so excited that he almost dropped the remote control in his hand.” Why would such a handsome young master like you? It seemed that he was not only short-sighted, but also close to blind!!”

.”Han Jinchu was used to her sharp tongue. Although he was a little upset, he still felt that what she said made sense, so he felt even more upset. “Jinnian! Mind your words! Your sister is the only hope of our family now!”

“She’s the only one who hopes that I can beat her by a few streets. “Han Jin Nian pursed his lips and looked down on her.” I really don’t know how she got so lucky. I can only blame myself for being born two years late.” She took advantage of everything.”

“I’m tired. I’ll go to bed first.” Han Jinchu was too lazy to argue with Han Jin Nian. He carried his luggage and went to the attic.

The attic was very small, almost enough for her to live alone. After putting in a few more books, the space would be full.

She opened a book and found a vague note inside.

She felt that her life was just as unclear as this note.

Han Jinchu could vaguely hear Han Jin Nian’s disdainful voice coming from below.

“You’re still arrogant! What else does she do other than holding those drawing boards and doodling? Did I say anything wrong about her?” Han Jinchu spread the blanket and buried himself under it.

She admitted that Han Jin Nian was right…

Other than painting, she did not know anything else. When she was young, she did not Imow that painting was a path of no return. Artists were all poor and it was almost impossible to repay that person’s kindness.

She still had to prepare herself to take on a few more jobs because when she thought of the unattainable handsome young man on television, she felt that everything was too unrealistic.

She had been dreaming for so many years. She should have woken up by now..

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Read Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby - Chapter 573 - : Xia Yichen, I’m Here - NovelBuddy (2024)


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