Starfield Taye 20000 Credits (2024)

1. Anna Imani - Starfield Wiki - Fandom

  • You can give Anna 20,000 credits to help her build a better life and potentially leave Cydonia. If Barrett is your active companion, he will love the ...

  • Anna Imani is a character in Starfield. Anna lives with her son Taye in the Luxe Condominiums in Cydonia (apartment B12). Anna moved to Cydonia almost 10 years ago with Taye's father, Keith. She had originally been offered a job as the local GalBank manager, but a week before she was supposed to start, they announced that the Cydonia branch would be fully automated. She hasn't worked since. When her husband died in a mining accident a few years ago, Deimos settled with the family. They agreed to

2. The best choice I made in Starfield was to have parents | PC Gamer

  • Aug 31, 2023 · Nope. The best choice I made in my entire game playthrough of Starfield was picking the Kid Stuff trait. It was the gift that kept on giving and ...

  • One of Starfield's traits gives you parents. And it's a gift that keeps on giving.

3. Cydonia City Guide - Starfield Guide - IGN

  • Sep 5, 2023 · Starfield - All Starfield Powers and How to Unlock ... credit chips and weapon cases. In here you ... Taye Imani; Anna Imani; Renee Shelby. UC ...

  • If New Atlantis was the shiny pearl, then Cydonia on Mars would be a rusty bolt. This gritty and grungy city of the Sol system is one of the major cities that

4. How to get a ton of money fast in Starfield - Polygon

5. Sam Coe Romance Guide: All Likes and Dislikes | Starfield - Game8

  • Sep 26, 2023 · Donating credits to Cora's book fund when first talking to her. · Donate 20000 credits to Taye's mom, Anna Imani in the residential area of ...

  • Sam Coe is crew member and possible romance option in Starfield. Read on to learn how to romance Sam Coe, his likes and dislikes, how to recruit and where to find Sam Coe, and his skills.

6. Anna Imani | Starfield Wiki - Fextralife

  • Sep 8, 2023 · Anna Imani is the mother of Taye Imani. NPCs in Starfield ... Starfield Anna Imani Information ... Is it worth to spend 20K bugs? ReplyReplies ...

  • Anna Imani information for Starfield. Locations, related quests, interactions, notes and tips can be found in this page.

7. Quelqu'un a donné 20000$ a... sur le forum Starfield - 15-09-2023 00:16:18

  • Sep 15, 2023 · ... crédits perso quand j'ai donné mais c'était bien 20 000 :rire: LuffyJetBazooka · MP. Niveau 66. 15 septembre 2023 à 00:22:27. 20k ...

  • Je sais pas si c'est un spoil donc je mets le nom ici Anna ? Si oui ça sert a quoi ? - Topic Quelqu'un a donné 20000$ a... du 15-09-2023 00:16:18 sur les forums de

8. Cydonia Map Starfield -

  • Anna Imani NPC Taye's Mother, talk to her about help for her and her son, [Offer 20000 Credits], it doesn't affect the story or do not generate mission, but the ...

  • Starfield Map of Cydonia located on Mars in Sol System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

9. Sarah Morgan Romance Guide: All Likes and Dislikes | Starfield - Game8

  • Sep 24, 2023 · Donate 20000 credits to Taye's mom, Anna Imani in the residential area of Cydnonia. Convincing Sona to live in The Lodge during her ...

  • Sarah Morgan is a crew member and possible romance option in Starfield. Read on to learn how to romance Sarah Morgan, her likes and dislikes, how to recruit and where to find Sarah Morgan, and her skills.

10. Anna Imani - Starfield Wiki

  • Starfield:Anna Imani ... Unlike many other Martians, she is not a miner, able to afford to support herself and her son Taye ... [Offer 20000 Credits] Maybe this ...

11. Starfield - Quick Credit Guide - TrueAchievements

  • Sep 3, 2023 · ... credit limit of 20k, so I'm not sure how much time needs to pass for their inventory to reset. On the bright side, jumping between star ...

  • Quick Credit Guide TrueAchievements forum thread

12. How to Find the Heart of Mars in Starfield - Prima Games

  • Sep 25, 2023 · Use your Cutter to remove it, and you'll find that it's heavy. It has a Mass of 10.0. But it's also worth 20,000 credits. Starfield screenshot ...

  • We've found the heart, now where's the face?

13. I'm A Millionaire In Starfield, And I Regret It - TheGamer

  • Oct 9, 2023 · It made sense in my gamer brain that if you can make a million credits, there would be a ludicrously expensive item worth that much to reward ...

  • Being the biggest baller in the universe isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Starfield Taye 20000 Credits (2024)


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